Representative Cases

State ex rel. McKenney v. Jones

Represented amicus curiae public defender’s office in successfully opposing writs of prohibition and mandamus sought by municipal judges against common pleas judges. Read More

Brown & Szaller Co.

Obtained $30.5 million all-cash settlement on behalf of class of approximately 55,000 Ohio small businesses in dispute over Waste Management’s billing practices. Read More

Gas Natural

Defended publicly-traded natural-gas-holding company and its board of directors in litigation with the company’s former CEO and Chairman of the Board. Read More


Represented Fortune 500 national retail company in $27 million contract dispute with international management consulting firm regarding the value of the services provided and results achieved. Read More

American Greetings

Defended Century City entertainment company in federal lawsuit seeking to prevent an $85 million merger based on restrictions in a licensing agreement. Read More


Represented investment corporation in federal lawsuit against its former officers and directors claiming fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. Read More


Defended venture-capital firm’s designee, serving on corporate board of directors, and obtained dismissal of breach of fiduciary duty claims brought by corporate creditors. Read More


Defended CFO of national retail chain against lawsuits asserting securities fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and conspiracy claims. Read More


Represented investment banker in lawsuit against his former partners concerning his separation from the firm they founded. Read More

State Bank of South Australia

Defended international financial institution in lender liability suit, and obtained dismissal by motion. Read More

In re: S.S. Central America

Litigation counsel to receiver for entities with recovery rights to treasure from the S.S. Central America, which sunk off the coast of South Carolina in 1857 carrying several tons of gold. Read More

Lake Truck

Represented franchisee trucking company in dispute with its franchisor arising out of criminal misconduct by company’s president. Read More


Obtained reversal on appeal of multiple theft, money laundering and RICO convictions and 20-year sentence on behalf of Ohio lawyer. Read More


Represented former CFO and chief legal officer of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland in six-week-trial and obtained acquittal on federal conspiracy, fraud, and kickback charges. Read More


Represented CFO of national retail chain and obtained dismissal with prejudice of state RICO, securities fraud, theft, and bribery charges. Read More

RJ Martin

Represented president of electrical-contracting company in state criminal prosecution and obtained dismissal before trial of all charges, including RICO, telecommunications fraud and money laundering. Read More


Represented CFO of publicly-traded company in Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice investigation of stock-price manipulation, resulting in no criminal or civil charges. Read More


Represented Applications Engineer in one of the first criminal prosecutions under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, resulting in misdemeanor plea. Read More


Advised global private-equity firm on issues of U.S. criminal law in connection with foreign acquisition. Read More


Represented national mail-presorting company in federal criminal prosecution for conspiracy and false statements to the U.S. Post Office. Read More


Represented businessman in federal prosecution relating to participation in Small Business Administration loan program, and obtained dismissal of all criminal charges and civil claims under the False Claims Act. Read More


Represented president of pharmaceutical company in federal criminal investigation for fraud relating to the company’s financing and for tax violations. Read More


Represented interventional cardiologist in federal criminal investigation into unnecessary medical procedures, resulting in no criminal charges. Read More


Represented regional law firm in federal criminal investigation of bribery of public officials, resulting in no criminal charges or disciplinary action. Read More


Represented officer of surgical products manufacturer in federal criminal investigation into accuracy of test data submitted to the FDA. Read More


Represented successful petitioner to U.S. Supreme Court challenging the Sixth Circuit’s rule restricting indigent plaintiffs from amending their complaints under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Read More


Of counsel to successful petitioner to U.S. Supreme Court, a former prisoner who, after obtaining jury verdict against prison officials for unconstitutional mistreatment, had judgment overturned on appeal. Read More


Obtained reversal of federal bribery convictions under McDonnell and reduction of sentence on behalf of former Cuyahoga County Commissioner and Chairman of the Democratic Party. Read More


Represented subsidiary of international financial institution in successful appeal vacating criminal conviction relating to residential mortgage-backed securitization trusts. Read More


Obtained reversal on appeal of rape convictions and life sentence on behalf of 50 year old man with no prior criminal record. Read More


Represented businessman in sentencing, appeals, and collateral attack of federal convictions relating to Small Business Administration loan. Read More


Represented defendant convicted of identity theft in successful appeal of sentence. Read More


Represented public agency’s general counsel accused of receiving kickbacks. Read More


Represented president of surgical center in federal health-care fraud prosecution challenging billing practices and medical necessity. Read More


Defended manufacturing subsidiary of Japanese international trading company in federal criminal investigation and related civil litigation brought by competitor alleging misappropriation of trade secrets, which resulted in no criminal charges and a defense verdict at trial. Read More


Defended applications engineer in one of the first criminal prosecutions under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Read More


Defended Ohio natural-gas utilities in lawsuit brought under the federal Stored Communications Act and Wiretap Act for accessing a pipeline company’s fleet tracking system, and obtained dismissal on summary judgment. Read More

SSP – Parker/Swagelock

Represented manufacturing company in disputes with competitors regarding trademark infringement and violation of the Ohio Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Read More


Defended intellectual property law firm against legal malpractice claim regarding misappropriation of trade secrets. Read More


Defended international law firm against legal malpractice claims seeking damages of $165 million based on advice given regarding the Ohio Consumer Sales Practice Act, and obtained dismissal by motion. Read More


Defended international law firm against legal malpractice claims relating to establishment and operation of family trust. Read More

Fay Sharpe

Defended law firm threatened with referral to criminal and regulatory authorities, and persuaded federal judge not to refer. Read More


Represented Indian law firm in dispute with international law firm regarding ownership of the firm and its assets. Read More


Represented collections law firm in federal criminal investigation into bribery of public officials and related disciplinary proceeding, resulting in no charges or disciplinary action. Read More


Defended national law firm against malpractice claim relating to their conduct in litigation attaching their adversary’s assets. Read More


Represented transactional lawyer in government investigation regarding his structuring of corporate ownership and transactions. Read More


Represented lawyer in connection with criminal investigation of leaks to press. Read More


Represented president of privately-held pharmaceutical company in dispute regarding his rights under stock incentive plan upon the company’s acquisition. Read More


Represented interventional cardiologist and former Director of Vascular Intervention and Chairman of Innovations Department in dispute with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Read More


Defended California software and information technology company in employee lawsuit alleging breach of contract, harassment and hostile work environment, and obtained dismissal by motion. Read More


Defended financial consultant in lawsuit brought by international financial services company for breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of fiduciary duty and unfair competition. Read More


Represented Dean of Business School in separation from university. Read More


Represented Executive Managing Director in separation from an international real estate firm. Read More


Represented salesman in lawsuit against employer regarding his right to additional incentive compensation. Read More

UH/qui tam

Defended major hospital system in qui tam law suit alleging violations of the False Claims Act, and obtained dismissal by motion. Read More


Represented volunteer firefighter and policeman seriously injured when an antique steam tractor exploded at the Medina County Fairgrounds. Read More


Defended elderly driver, who struck and killed a boy while overprescribed medication by her physician, in criminal prosecution and civil lawsuit. Read More


Represented American citizen in criminal prosecution in the Cayman Islands for causing death by dangerous driving. Read More


Represented estate and family of elderly man who was struck and killed in a parking lot by an unattended vehicle. Read More

Defended driver of vehicle

Defended driver of vehicle, involved in accident that killed his passenger and best friend, in criminal prosecution and civil lawsuit. Read More

Rea Medina

Represented estate and family of agricultural worker killed when tractor overturned due to product defects. Read More

State of Ohio

Special Counsel to State of Ohio in defending at trial prison guards accused of excessive force at Lucasville prison, and obtained defense verdict. Read More


Counsel for amici supporting constitutional challenge to provisions of sex-offender-registration statute. Read More

Obtained reversal of conviction for obstruction of justice and vacating of all other convictions for Remmer hearing based on allegations of extraneous juror influence.

Obtained reversal of conviction for obstruction of justice and vacating of all other convictions for Remmer hearing based on allegations of extraneous juror influence. Read More

Clean Air Act

Obtained dismissal of a citizen suit under the Clean Air Act challenging a mine construction permit. Read More

Coal Mining Companies

Represented coal mining companies in disputes with utility customers over long-term requirements contracts. Read More

Ohio Dormant Mineral Act and Marketable Title Act

Represented parties in disputes regarding their mineral rights under the Ohio Dormant Mineral Act and Marketable Title Act. Read More