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Sixth Circuit Clarifies When Testimony Waives Fifth Amendment Protections

Testifying in one setting raises the specter of waiving one's right against self-incrimination in another proceeding. Read More
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Defendants' Discovery Requests Toll the Speedy-Trial Clock

In light of an Ohio Supreme Court decision, criminal defendants risk losing some of their speedy-trial rights if they request discovery. Read More
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Ohio Supreme Court Clarifies Speedy-Trial Clock

The Ohio Supreme Court clarified how a defendant's right to a speedy trial works when the state later adds additional charges. Read More
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Enormous Conspiracies and Hearsay

The Sixth Circuit agreed with the government that the co-conspirator hearsay exception could cover a conspiracy of thousands. Read More
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Proving Criminal Intent Through Circumstantial Evidence

A Sixth Circuit decision provides a roadmap of key issues on which prosecutors focus in proving criminal intent for healthcare fraud cases. Read More
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Violation of Speedy Trial Right Results in Dismissal of Indictment

The Rentas decision is a good example of a violation of the right to a speedy trial, but the case also shows how difficult it is to prevail on constitutional arguments. Read More
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Supreme Court Emphasizes Importance of Strong Scienter Requirement for Criminal Defendants

The Supreme Court handed a victory to white-collar criminal defendants in its recent decision of Ruan v. United States. Read More
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