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Ohio Supreme Court Rules Insurer Has No Duty to Defend Opioid-Epidemic Suits

The Ohio Supreme Court added to a growing split among courts on the question of whether standard language in a commercial insurance policy requires insurers to defend their insureds against opioid lawsuits brought by governmental entities. Read More
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Requesting Books and Records from an Ohio Corporation

A recent Sixth Circuit decision provides practice pointers for those seeking books and records from an Ohio corporation. Read More
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Federal Remand Decision Shows Potential Catch-22 for Defendants in CAFA Removals

Defendants removing to federal court under CAFA face a tricky situation in meeting the amount-in-controversy requirement when defending against fail-safe class definitions. Read More
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When Is There an Uncompensated Benefit but no Unjust Enrichment?

A recent decision shows that not every unpaid-for benefit constitutes unjust enrichment. Read More
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Section 230 Protects Ordinary Users from Legal Liability for Merely Retweeting

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act provides important protections in litigation for the average user. Read More
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